International Hardy Plant Union
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D 53175 Bonn

Telephone: +49 228 81002 51
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E-Mail: info@isu-perennials.org

22 Aug 2016

ISU summer trip: magnificent gardens and a wide selection of plants

Changed habits effect English horticultural production and garden cultur

25 Feb 2016

Plant treasures in nature, for gardens and the urban environment

A record number of participants at the ISU International Perennial Plant Conference in Grünberg

06 Oct 2015

50 years of International Hardy Plant Union:

A passion for plants and active perennial enthusiasts

06 Oct 2015

ISU means to me...

Members talk about their relation to the ISU

25 Feb 2015

After our last Winterdays in Grünberg February 2015

Perennial experts are important for the preservation of nature and cultivated landscapes Inspiring ISU Winter Days in Grünberg

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