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Data Protection Policy

§ 1 Personal Data

a) Personal Data
Personal data are data which disclose or can disclose the customer’s identity. The International Hardy Plant Union adheres to the policy of data avoidance. As far as possible, collection of personal data is avoided.

b) Dealings
Personal data exclusively serve to initiate contracts, draft content, execute or process a contractual relationship. As a matter of principle, data are not forwarded to third parties. Use of personally-related data only takes place to the extent that is necessary, or as far as the International Hardy Plant Union is legally or by court order required, or if necessary, to prohibit abuse against the General Terms and Conditions in a legitimate manner.

c) Objection
The customer can object to the storage of their personal data at any time. Data, which must be kept ready for the purpose of processing the contract, is exempt from this.

d) Right to Information
Upon request, the International Hardy Plant Union shall inform the customer about the storage of their data.

e) Right to Correction, Deletion, and Blocking of Data
The customer has the right to correct, delete or block inaccurate personal data upon request at any time. The use of this right is free-of-charge and can simply be requested by filling out the contact form. As a matter of principle, this service is free-of-charge.

§ 2 User and Registration Data

To set up the Internet page, user and registration data are collected, processed, and used, as necessary. Customer data and IP address are registered with a time and date stamp in the log file, and used and saved for the purpose of this webpage’s statistical evaluation. User and registration data will not be merged with personal data.

§ 3 Sessions and Cookies

To operate the Internet site www.isu-perennials.org, the International Hardy Plant Union may use cookies or server-based sessions to store data. Cookies are, for instance, used here for personalized greetings by using the member’s name. Cookies are files, which are stored by a website on the customer’s hard drive to automatically recognize this particular computer at the next visit to the website, and adjust the website based on the customer’s use. Cookies can also be rejected through the browser’s settings by deactivating the storage of cookies or by setting the browser in such a way that it informs about the changes upon transmission. The International Hardy Plant Union ensures that data related to a person is not transferred from sessions or through cookies.

§ 4 Social Media Links

The International Hardy Plant Union uses its own social media sites, made available on this website by clicking on the links of the third-party-providers. Through the use of these links, the user will reach the respective Internet pages of the third-party-provider (e.g. Facebook). As soon as the user will have opened up the websites of the third-party-providers, the user will have entered the respective third-party-provider’s area of responsibility, so that their data protection policy or their explanations of data usage are effective as well. The International Hardy Plant Union does not have any influence over it; we recommend, however, that you log yourself out from the respective third-party-provider’s website prior to using the respective link in order to avoid an unnecessary forwarding of data, so that in certain instances user profiles will not be created by the third-party-provider through the use of the link. The International Hardy Plant Union has deliberately used links and avoided additional plug-ins by third-party-providers to protect the user´s data.

§ 5 Contact information

The customer may contact the International Hardy Plant Union at info@isu-perennials.org regarding data protection or by using the contact form.#

Gladly our data protection officer is also at your disposal:

DPA Drewes Privacy Advice GmbH
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 22
53175 Bonn
E-Mail: datenschutz@g-net.de

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