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11 Oct 2021

New Edition of the List of Names

The List of Names of Perennials and Woody Plants have been reissued.
In the new editions (2021-2025), the list of names of perennials and woody plants has been supplemented and the taxonomy changed after consultation with trade and industry. The new editions now include 30,000 perennials, of which 8,800 are new, and 45,000 woody plants, of which 8,200 are new. The preferred names and synonyms have been listed. These are the standardised names for the trade assortment in Europe and for the most part in the United States. In addition, about 4,000 cultivars were included in the protected status of the PBR.

The list of names for perennials is coordinated by the International Hardy Plant Union (ISU) and the list of woody plants by the European Nursery Stock Association (ENA). They are thus the international guiding lists for determining the correct spelling and preferred names of deciduous and coniferous trees, fruits and perennials. Cooperation with these parties ensures a good balance between scientific and legal correctness and practicality.

To order: They lists can be ordered via www.internationalplantnames.com. The list of names of perennials costs 50 €., the list of woody plants 60 €. The lists are also available in digital form. The database with the names of woody plants and perennials is also available at www.internationalplantnames.com.

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