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28 Aug 2018

ISU Committee for Plant Analysis presents awards to 10 new perennials in Poland

The 121 new plants that had been excellently cared for at the Wojsławice Arboretum impressed the International Hardy Plant Union

Ten plant breeders submitted a total of 121 new perennials for the plant analysis event held by the International Hardy Plant Union (ISU) at the ISU Summer Days 2018 in Poland. The plants were evaluated and excellently cared for at the Wojsławice Arboretum over a period of one year. The most species planted from one genus were the 11 perennials from the genus Heuchera. This was followed by 8 species from the genus Echinacea and 8 each from the genus Astern and the genus Monarda. The ISU Commission for Plant Analysis issued prizes to 10 new plants on 12 August in Wojsławice and presented the ISU Awards to five entrants or plant breeders the next day.
Jonas Bengtsson (Sweden), President of the ISU Commission for Plant Analysis, thanked all of the plant breeders for the large number of perennials submitted for the event and for their high level of quality and also called on everyone to register their new perennials by 2019 online on the ISU website for the next plant analysis event in Prague 2020.

Bengtsson, as well as the other 10 members of the commission representing 11 countries in total, emphasised the outstanding condition of the evaluated plants and thanked Jolanta Koslowska and Tomasz Dymny at the Arboretum on behalf of the ISU for caring for the plants.

The 10 plants that received awards at the ISU plant analysis event 2018 were (pictures can be downloaded from ISU-webpage www.isu-perennials.org/de/isu-awards.html):


Allium `In Obit´
Breeder: Atlee Burpee, Pennsylvania
Sender: Rijnbeek and Son Perennials
Purple pink flowers these short Allium (30 cm) is a great attraction for bees and butterflies. The colour of the flowers harmonizes well with the glossy blue-green leaves. It prefers a well drained soil at a sunny place. Late and long flowering and stable.

Coreopsis tripteris `Handy Size´
Breeder and Sender: Jan Spruyt, Belgium
This Coreopsis is an erect and upright cultivar that grows in a short time strong and floriferous up to 1,00 m high. It flowers yellow in a diameter of 2-3 cm n July until September. Leaves are lanceolated and dark green. Soil should be well drained and the spot sunny.

Echinacea purpurea `Green twister´
Breeder: Georg Uebelhart, Deutschland. Sender: Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH, Deutschland
The habit of that Echinacea purpurea is similar to `Magnus superior´, the flower similar to `Green Envy´. Upright, erected and sturdy growing it will be higher up to the second year. Flowering from July-September with inner petals in carmine-red/pink and outer petals in lemongreen brightened to greenish yellow. An average garden soil with average moisture in full sun is preferred. Easy to sow, honey-bee food plant / suitable for cut.

Echinacea `Delicious Candy´
Breeder: Marco van Noort, Netherlands
Sender: Rijnbeek and Son Perennials, Netherlands
This Echinacea shows large double flowers with flat ray petals surrounding a large pom-pom centre all in fluorescent fuchsia pink from July-September. It is fast growing with dark stems and dark green leaves up to 60 cm. A normal soil but well drained is referred, also a sunny spot.

Festuca `Miedzianobrody´
Breeder: Szkółka Słowińscy, Poland
Sender: Vitroflora Grupa Producentów, Poland
This new variety grows compact and round similar to Festuca glauca but with green leaves. High is 30-40 cm, with flowers 50-70 cm. Leaves are narrow and the colour can change in autumn to copper red. Main attraction is the intensive coppery flower in June and July. Sunny exposure and a dry to semi-dry soil place is preferred.

Molinia arundinacea `Mostenveld´
Breeder and Sender: Jan Spruyt, Belgium
White-striped leaves and brownish spikes are characteristic for this Molina arundinacea. Clump forming it grows upright 40 cm with flowers 120 cm. Flowering time is from July to October in red purple. Leaves are special with line-shaped green leaves with white edges.

Parthenium integrifolia `Welldone´
Breeder and Sender: Jan Spruyt, Belgium
The leaves of `Welldone´ are shorter than the leaves of the species, darker green with a nice shape. The habit is erected and the flowers are standing high above the leaves until a high of 120 cm. The flower stems can hold the very heavy, thick flowers upright.  Main flowering time is from June-September.

Cenchrus (Pennisetum)  purpurascens `Jommenik´
Breeder and Sender: Jan Spruyt, Belgium
`Jommenik´ is most similar to Penisetum alopecuroides `Hameln Gold´, but with bright yellow and leaves in a compact habit. Is grows to a high of 20 cm with flowers 30 cm. The yellow-green flowers are shining in August-October. The yellow colour is more intense with more sun. Is grows easily.

Sorghastrum nutans `Winnetou´
Breeder and Sender: Jan Spruyt, Belgium
Special for this Sorghastrum are the greyish green, line-shaped leaves u to 100 cm. With Flowers the high is 180 cm.

Veronica `Tidal Pool´
Breeder: Dr. Jim Ault, Illinois
Sender: Cnb newplants, Netherlands
This creeping Veronica covers the ground completely. It grows spreading in a heigt of 15 cm. The intensive blue flower with white center cowers the leaves in the flowering time. `Tidal Pool´ is a Hybrid between Veronica armena and Veronica pectinata and prefers full sun or partial sun. Main flowering time: June-October


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