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25 Feb 2015

After our last Winterdays in Grünberg February 2015

Perennial experts are important for the preservation of nature and cultivated landscapes Inspiring ISU Winter Days in Grünberg

“Perennial gardeners are an important species for the preservation of nature and the creation of green areas in towns and cities.” With this statement organizer Anja Maubach welcomed more than 100 delegates to the 8th International ISU Conference, which took place on 13-15 February in Grünberg. Perennial gardeners from 15 nations met up there with plant lovers, landscapers, nature lovers and perennial plant dealers: from Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, the USA and Germany. The basic feeling permeating the conference was the idea of sharing – the passion for plants, knowledge and experiences with perennial plants, as well as inspirations not only from the perennial gardeners but also the plants themselves.

For example, Mona Holmberg, garden designer from Mölndal, Sweden, outlined ways for improving inner-city residential areas with small perennial species and shrubs. Botanical treasures from the nature treasure chest of Kyrgyzstan, such as the 4-m Aconitum, were presented by Bran Kabbes from the Netherlands. James Hitchmough from Great Britain combines new planting strategies from classic meadow communities for city landscapes, which he adapts to different climates, such as China or Europe. He describes his benchmark for success this way: “The plants should make people at the bus stop happy and motivate them to take photographs”.
This goal of cultivating an interest in plants appears to have prerequisites: in addition to having solid specialist knowledge, one must also be capable of communicating the passion and the fascination of experimenting. Whether through special parks, travel or involvement of the city dweller. So it can be said that this annual international meeting is fertile ground for professionals, which can also encompass adjoining specialist fields and other disciplines.

“Perennial plant gardeners are ‘special freaks’, agreed Andres Altwegg, President of the ISU, speaking of the common attributes of the audience and the speakers. He thanked Anja Maubach and the Grünberg team for a highly successful event. The ninth International Perennial Plant Conference will take place in Grünberg from 12-14 February 2016. Registration has already begun although the program is not yet fixed.

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