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Botanical Excursions

The excursions of the International Hardy Plant Union (ISU) have a long tradition. Since ISU foundation there have been several excursions. They either go to botanically interesting regions and give good inside view of our perennials in the wild, or the program is dedicated to garden culture, visits to interesting parks and gardens as well as to botanical gardens.
On these ISU excursions plant and garden enthusiasts meet each other, friendships are made and maintained.



Botanical tour 2023 – The Carpathians, Romania
Group I: 12 – 17 of June / Group II 19 – 24 of June

Botanical guide Geir Moen will lead two groups of maximum 15 nature enthusiasts to the Southern Carpathians (also called the Transylvanian Alps) from June 12-17 and June 19-24, respectively. He knows the many locations of the botanical jewels in the mountain range.

The Southern Carpathians are the second highest mountain range in the Carpathians (after the Tatras), reaching an altitude of over 2,500 meters. Although lower than the Alps, they have a purely alpine landscape and can have harsh conditions. Due to their high mountain character and easy accessibility, they are popular with tourists and scientists.

Breathtaking mountain views are guaranteed on the most beautiful road in Romania. The road passes directly through the highest mountains in Romania, so you will see breathtaking landscapes along the way. The most popular tourist attractions along the road are Vidraru Reservoir and Balea Glacial Lake, where we will spend the night.

Excursion to the Pyrennes 2019


Excursion to the Pyrennes 2019
30th JUNE – 29th JULY 2019

26 people coming from seven different countries ( France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Germany and Sweden) explored the botany of the mountains in the Pyrennes.

Excursion to the Pyrennes 2019





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