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ISU Trials and Awards 2020

Originators and holders of new cultivars are kindly invited to send in their new introductions for evaluation. From now you can apply for the ISU-trials in 2020 at the Prague Botanic Garden. The requirements for participation to the evaluation of new introductions in 2020 we explain in added documents" Evaluation Awarding ISU-Perennials - Rules".

Experience learned us: Send in application forms and photos before the plants. Only with this info we will continue!
You will get a confirmation mail with your given information.
Also the president of ISU-trial commission, Jonas Bengtsson, the responsible coordinator in Prague, Petr Hanzelka and the secretary of ISU, Tina Banse, will get your application.

Do this before 30 April 2019 and send the new plants before 30 Mai 2019 to:

Prague Botanic Garden
Mr. Petr Hanzelka
Trojska 800/196
171 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic


Please send plants in normal size, not young plants from plug trays. The participation in the evaluation of new introductions is free of charge. The evaluation is going to take place in the same area as the ISU Summer Days 2020.
The ISU-Summer Days 2020 will take place in Czech Republic from 8 August to 13 August 2020. ISU-members will receive the programme in the beginning of 2020. Good luck with your participation!

Kind regards

Jonas Bengtsson
President of ISU-Trial Commission

ISU-Sichtungskommission zeichnet sechs besonders gartenw├╝rdige Neuheiten mit dem ISU-Award aus



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